• Cosilana merino wool fleece jacket latte 3m-4y


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Soft, warm and just amazing these hooded jackets are the perfect outerwear for spring and colder summer days. It is water and dirt resistant! They come in latte/light grey, orange and olive green. 


Size: These are generously sized, they have long cuffs perfect for folding up or down if it's cold. 

The Cosilana fleece items are thinner than the Engel fleece sweaters and suits I sell.

Care: This is untreated wool fleece and some piling will occur and it will flatten over time. Please wash it by hand or on a delicate wool cold wool program (inside a pillow cover). The key is to make sure the water temperature is stable throughout the wash. Do not wring it - when wet pull it into shape then either let it dry flat or squeeze excess water out by rolling it in a towel and then hang to dry. Wringing it will destroy the fleece! 

All of Cosilana's products are made in Germany. All the dyestuffs used are free from heavy metals and free from harmful AZO-dyes. The wool is certified by IVN to be a natural textile of high quality.